All examinations are 20% off!

Special For GNÇ Premium World!

Duration of Promotion
31.12.2023 expiration date

All examinations are 20% off!

Promotion Details

  • Only subscribers in GNÇ tariff who actively use GNÇ Premium and GNÇ Premium World packages can benefit from the campaign.
  • At Kolan British Hospital for subscribers using GNÇ Premium World package,
    • 20% discount on all examinations
    • Laboratory 10% discount
    • 10% in imaging procedures (emar, usg, tomography)
    • 10% discount (excluding drugs, consumables, blood and blood units) is offered for inpatient treatments.
  • The privileges offered in this campaign cannot be combined with any other campaign.
  • Turkcell and Kolan British Hospital reserve the right to make changes in the campaign.
  • To take advantage of the discount, simply write PREMIUM and send a message to 2222 and show the incoming password to the authorized person.
  • Turkcell has no responsibility for the operations, practices, tests and services performed at Kolan British Hospital within the scope of the campaign.
  • This campaign can be used until 31 December, 2023.


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