Turkcell North Cyprus App.

Via Turkcell North Cyprus App. you can do all the processes from your phone

Turkcell North Cyprus App.

Still very digital, still easy-to-use, still packed with all features you need! 

You Can Load Credits and Package
You can use Turkcell North Cyprus application for both top-up and package top-up processes. From the "Load Packages" area, you can review the special offers for you and digital, and make your credit/package top-up transactions.

Shake and Win Surprise Gifts!
You can participate in the ‘”Shake & Win” campaign through the Turkcell North Cyprus app and get many gifts such as internet and minutes every week.

You Can Make Invoice Inquiry and Online Bill Payment Transaction
If you are a Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell postpaid line user, you can easily and securely perform bill inquiry and online bill payment from the Turkcell North Cyprus application.

You can quickly do whatever you want from the Turkcell North Cyprus App. which is very easy to use and free. You can perform technological product purchases, bill payment, top-up / top-up transactions from the Turkcell North Cyprus App..

  • You can download the Mobile Account application from Apple Store, Google Playstore for free.


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