Enjoy surfing the internet with the fastest and uninterrupted internet of North Cyprus

304,90 TL/Week
Weekly 1GB Internet Package
Internet Price
Flex Internet -

Flex Internet Feature

  • When your internet quota offered as part of your package is full, you can use up to 125 TL in steps with the flex feature of your package.
  • Each level is 100 MB.
  • With the flex feature of your package, you will be charged for every 100 MB you use.
  • Your internet speed is reduced to 5Kbps when your usage comes to 125 TL. You can continue to use it for free with 5 Kbps speed.
  • You can increase your internet speed by purchasing an additional internet package. Click for additional internet packages.
  • Click for more detailed information about Flex internet feature.

1th tier 25 TL
2nd tier +20 TL
3rd tier +20 TL
4th tier +20 TL
5th tier +10 TL
6th tier +10 TL
7th tier +10 TL
8th tier +10 TL
  • Internet is available in both Cyprus made use of in the territory of Turkey.

To start the 1GB package;

• Text 1 to 5151,
• Visit one of the Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell Branches
• Call 533 Voice Response System or Call Center

and start your package.

You may start using the package as soon as you receive the confirmation SMS.

Text DURUM to 5151 free of charge to find out your remaining balance.

The data you download and upload while using the internet are deducted from your package limit. Once you exceed your package allowance, the downloaded and uploaded data is calculated according to the package excess fee.

When your package is cancelled, you may use your remaining internet package until the package expire date.

Start Date: 01.12.2016

End Date: -

Our customers who benefit from this offer will be informed about the Offer end date at least 15 days prior to the end date through the electronic communication service they have purchased and the end date will also be announced on our website.