You can reflect your personality with the Make Your Caller Listen service. Your callers listen to the melody or song you choose instead of the ordinary ringing sound. 

To subscribe:

  • Text ABONE to 5114 for 19,78TL/304 credits monthly.

How can I benefit;

  • Text ABONE to 5114 free of charge.

Monthly subscription: 19,78TL/304 Credit
Subscription gift: 19,78TL/304 Credit
If a subscription is given as a gift, the subscription fee for the first month is taken from the gifted person, and if the subscription is continued in the following months, it is taken from the gifted person.
Content fee: song purchase is free
SMS sent to 5114: Free

  • Text ABONE to 5114 for 12,69TL/238credits monthly.
  • To cancel your subscription text CANCEL to 5114.
  • If you want to play a song from your phone, you can send a short message to 5114 by typing the SONG CODE in the song list in the Frequently Asked Questions section in the text message section of your mobile phone. You must have an active subscription to assign songs.

To give your loved ones Make Your Callers Listen subscription as a present;

  • Text HEDIYE space ABONE space GSM NO (example: HEDIYE ABONE 5338600000) to 5114,

When you request this service to be activated as a present for someone else, subscription fee for the first month is billed to you and the subscription starts.


to set a personalised ringing tone.

If there is more than one content on the list

  • Text KARISIK space CAL to 5114.

To cancel your subscription, text IPTAL to 5114 from the SMS section of your mobile phone.

Start Date: 2006
End Date: -

Our customers who benefit from this offer will be informed about the Offer end date at least 15 days prior to the end date through the electronic communication service they have purchased and the end date will also be announced on our website.

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