Voice Mail

You now have a Smart Secretary who answers your calls while you are having a conversation (engaged) or unable to answer!

Voice Mail

You now do not have worry thinking "What if someone calls!’’ when you turn off your mobile phone; Find out who has called you with the Smart Secretary when you turn on your mobile phone. You may now turn off your mobile phone while on holiday or at a meeting and have a peace of mind at the same time. Your Smart Secretary will save voice messages of your callers for you. 

To listen to your voicemails, all you need to do is to call 8787, you may also find out who has called, when and what time they called by listening to your voicemails. 

  • To listen to your voicemails from your mobile phone, call 8787 and press (1). To find out the caller’s phone number and the date and time of the voicemail, press (#).
  • The voicemail you have listened to will be automatically deleted.
  • To listen to your messages while abroad, you may call +905338789111. To access your own message box, dial your mobile phone number (as 533XXXXXXX) and enter your super password.
  • To listen to your messages from another mobile phone, you may call 8789. To access your own message box, dial your mobile phone number (as 533XXXXXXX) and enter your super password.
  • After you have listened to your messages: The messages you have listened to will be automatically deleted. After you have listened to your message, you may press (1) to listen to the message again, or press (3) to call the person who has left you a voicemail.

Listening to a Message:
The cost of calling Smart Secretarial Service is 3,99TL/62credits per call.

Leaving a Message:
The message you leave to the person you are calling will be charged over your current tariff and 1.39 TL / 22Knt service fee for each message will be reflected on your line in addition. If you have a voice package in your current tariff, the minutes you spend leaving your message is deducted from your package minutes. When you leave a voice message while abroad, you will are charged according to the International Roaming tariff.

Inquiring the Caller:
When you activate the Smart Alert Service, this information is sent to you immediately via SMS. 2,99TL/46credit is charged for each message.

All Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell Personal & Corporate Prepaid and Postpaid customers may benefit from this service.

- Text AKILLI AC to 8780,

- 533 Call Center,

- Activate through the Online Transactions.

- * Smart Alert Service will be automatically activated for our customers who are actively using ‘’WHO CALLED’’ service.

Yes. You can cancel the Smart Alert Service by texting AKILLI KAPA to 8780 or through the Call Center, Online Transactions or our Dealers.

No. Smart Secretarial Service is only activated when you cannot be reached, while you are having a conversation (engaged) or you are not able to answer.

Smart Alert service will be automatically activated when you cannot be reached.

When you do not answer a call, callers will be automatically forwarded to your Smart Secretary after 30 seconds.

If you are using the Smart Alert (Who Called) on its own, the service will be automatically activated when you cannot be reached, and the numbers of the callers will be sent to your mobile phone immediately.

The SMS you receive with the Smart Alert service includes information about a maximum of 4 different phone numbers. More than one private or unknown number is counted as one number each. For each number, you receive information about the latest date and time of the call as well as the number of calls. If the same number has called you more than once while you could not be reached, the calls from that number are displayed once. The incoming message content will be as follows: "+90533XXXXXXX 22 april 13,16:44 04-calls”.

Private numbers *(Numbers that are prevented from being displayed in accordance with the request of another customer) or Unknown numbers* (numbers created with analogue lines, when the number cannot be transmitted - sometimes international numbers or when there is roaming) the Smart Allert will specify these as private or unknown numbers. Even if you receive calls from more than one private numbers or unknown numbers, all different unknown numbers will be displayed once.

Smart Alert service messages that cannot be sent to you are saved for 24 hours. At the end of this period or when another notification SMS is sent to you, those messages will be deleted from your phone, and information about new calls are saved.

No, they are not informed.

If they are not private numbers, the numbers that belong to other operators or international operators are also displayed in the message. If the number is private, it is stated as a private number.

Yes, you can.

The informative messages are delivered to you immediately when your mobile phone is switched on or can be reached. Until the moment your mobile phone can to be reached, the informative SMS are in the system for 24 hours. If your mobile phone cannot be reached for a longer time, the SMS generated during this period are deleted, and informative SMS with information about the new calls are generated.

Yes, you can use the Smart Alert service on its own or together with the Smart Secretarial Service. When you use it together with the Smart Secretary, the service will send you the numbers of our customers who have not left a message to your Smart Secretary when they could not reach you.

When you only use the Smart Alert service, the service sends you the numbers of the customers who call you while you were unable to be reached.

Start Date: 16.01.2004
End Date: -

Our customers who benefit from this offer will be informed about the Offer end date at least 15 days prior to the end date through the electronic communication service they have purchased and the end date will also be announced on our website.


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