“We are Training Smart Drivers of the Future’’


Entrepreneurial Children of Northern Cyprus

With the slogan "An Entrepreneurship Journey," the "Entrepreneurial Children of Northern Cyprus" project, initiated by North Cyprus Turkcell, provides support to the entrepreneurial children of our island. This project aims to enhance students' skills in imagination, analytical thinking, planning, problem-solving, innovation, risk-taking, and social communication.

The project, which began in 2022, has continued in 2023, making progress and incorporated into the curriculum.


Mind Games Center

North Cyprus Turkcell provides communication support to the first Mind Games Center in Northern Cyprus, opened by the Cyprus Science and Intelligence Foundation. The center offers mind and intelligence game education to primary, middle, and high school students. Expert trainers conduct workshops teaching games such as Mandala, Reversi, Q bitz, Pentago, Kulami, Equalibri, aiming to reach 500 students annually, with 50 students per month. In addition to chess workshops, the center also offers traditional game and toy workshops.

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