Contributions to the Island and Collaborations

‘’Our Mission is to; reintegrate what we take from the society back into the society’’

Contributions to the Island and Collaborations


Wishing Tree Project

 The "Wishing Tree" project, initiated by Girne Bellapais Inner Wheel Association and hosted on the platform, has reached its goal thanks to the donations from North Cyprus Turkcell employees. Within the project, all students attending Zümrütköy Primary School have received the gifts they wished for.


Support for Earthquake Victims

North Cyprus Turkcell provided financial assistance to a campaign aimed at helping thousands of earthquake victims in Northern Cyprus. In response to the earthquake in Turkey, it extended a helping hand to those who had to leave their homes and are now residing in Northern Cyprus by making a donation worth 750,000 TL.


Technology Support for Nicosia Children's Center

North Cyprus Turkcell established a computer room for the Nicosia Children's Center. This room is equipped with computers and printers for children to use and will facilitate computer lessons, robotic coding courses, and technological education in line with the requirements of the digital era.


Communication Support for Women's Shelter

North Cyprus Turkcell offers new phone lines, credits, and internet support for the women residing at the Nicosia Turkish Municipality Women's Shelter to meet their communication needs.


Installation of Akçay Children's Park

After making arrangements at Akçay Rauf Raif Denktaş Park, which is within the borders of Akçay Muhtarlığı under the Güzelyurt Municipality, North Cyprus Turkcell added a children's playground to the park.


Collaboration with the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation

North Cyprus Turkcell continues its partnership with the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation (KTFF) as the official communication sponsor. In addition to supporting KTFF for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 football seasons, North Cyprus Turkcell has become the name sponsor for the Youth Cup, a project designed specifically for young athletes.


Turkcell Technology Room for the Cyprus Turkish Sports Writers Association

Turkcell, known for its long-standing support for sports and athletes, established the Turkcell Technology Room at the Cyprus Turkish Sports Writers Association (KTSYD) to merge sports with technology, thus enhancing the sports experience. This initiative is aimed at promoting the development of sports in our country from a communication perspective.


Support for the "Growing One by One" Project for Athletes with disabilities

North Cyprus Turkcell has contributed to the procurement of wheelchairs for athletes in the "Growing One by One" project, providing valuable assistance to parasports and disabled athletes.


Donation to the "Champion Angels Association"

Turkcell has donated 1 million TL to the "Champion Angels Association" for the organization's school complex project. Furthermore, Turkcell has also announced the establishment of an extensive technology laboratory called the "Turkcell Intelligence Power" within the building.

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