Digital Social Responsibility


Digital Social Responsibility

Digital Social Responsibility

The island's digital social responsibility platform: North Cyprus Turkcell's digital social responsibility platform that brings together non-governmental organizations and charitable institutions on the island, opens projects according to needs, and ensures the implementation of social responsibility projects through donations from volunteers.

On this platform, donors support many projects under categories such as children, youth, technology, environment, health, animal protection, and inclusive living (barrier-free living). In addition, individuals can become volunteers for these projects and participate in events, and you can make online donations at any time using your credit or bank card on the platform.

This project, initiated with the contributions of North Cyprus Turkcell and ongoing, is the first digital social responsibility project of the island, aimed at contributing to our people, our nature, and our island in the digital realm.

Planting a tree brings a better future! e-fidan Cyprus 

 The e-fidan project was launched in collaboration between the Department of Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and North Cyprus Turkcell with the aim of protecting our country and nature. The project's main goal is to restructure and revive burned or dry forests. Every donation made through the digital platform will contribute to our country, forests, and environment. Over 75,000 donations have been made through this platform to date, and North Cyprus Turkcell has planted over 250,000 trees. You can access the e-fidan project at website.

  • Anyone can make tree donations to the project.
  • Corporations can also donate through IBAN accounts within the scope of the project.
  • Additionally, individuals can make tree donations by depositing the amount through bank accounts affiliated with the Forestry Department on the website.
  • In exchange for donations, individuals or corporations receive certificates in 14 different categories, including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, International Women's Day, Teacher's Day, congratulations for newborns, condolences, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, New Year celebrations, weddings, Christmas, and a general thank-you certificate for donations.
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