•  As of 01.08.2022, Prepaid Standard SIM Card package fee will be 70TL.

By topping up your prepaid standard sim card with 25 credits as a gift, you may make calls, receive calls and use all the prepaid services offered.

All individual customers with a prepaid line can benefit by purchasing a sim card.

You can purchase a sim card from one of our stores.

25 credits that you can immediately start using will be available with your sim card.

You may use the free 25 credits to call all local operators as well as operators abroad.

Dial *123*# to find out the remaining credits in your account.

The charging period of the talk-time minutes offered with your package is 60 seconds.

When you choose one of the GOLD MINI, GOLD, MIDI, MAXI, MEGA and PLATINIUM packages within 90 days of your prepaid account activation date, your Welcome to Prepaid offer will be activated.



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